REAL BEARS REACT to Bearmageddon Vol. 2 Page 30


Using the latest technology, courtesy of the Ruxpin Project, zoologists have been able to hold the latest page of Bearmageddon up to bears and get their thoughts translated into English. Today’s page features a giant semi-truck covered in bailing spikes running a couple of bears through. See the page here.


“What is this? Are those supposed to be bears? Who drew this? A moth?”


“OMG is this realz?”


“HA! Shishka-bear! What? I can’t make that joke?”


“Is this the kind of thing humans find entertaining? This pleases them?”


“SKCHTKT is seriously the best sound effect they could come up with?” 

Read the shocking true story of Bearmageddon today:

brought to you by the greatest webcomic on this dying earth:

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One thought on “REAL BEARS REACT to Bearmageddon Vol. 2 Page 30

  • December 2, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    I see absolutely no future in polling bears. How many of them even have land lines? And we all know that they’re asleep during the winter and won’t answer the phone when pollsters call. I strongly question how representative are the above-expressed bear opinions. These were probably just the unemployed ones, who were available to talk to the analysts.


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