Scientists Admit Genetically Engineered Grizzly Boar Was Mistake

Creature commissioned by billionaire for big game hunt kills all and is now at large 

By Ethan Nicolle
August 1, 2016 9:45 a.m. PT

MONTANA—A billionaire paid scientists to combine the DNA of a wild boar and a grizzly bear to create the ultimate big game hunt. “The money would have done so much for our school,” said one scientist. All involved wished to remain unnamed. “But it was a mistake. We knew that the moment the thing started breathing and trying to kill everyone.”

The scientists were not willing to go into details about how they created the hybrid and have since burned the lab to the ground and gone into witness protection, quitting science forever. The creature itself went wild from the moment it breathed its first breath. They released the creature into a 300-acre property, surrounded by electric fences, where the billionaire client led a hunting party to hunt and kill the beast. But that isn’t what happened.

“Everybody died,” the scientist claims. The grizzly boar charged through the grounds and impaled the rich hunters, one after the other, on its sharp tusks. Though it was shot a few times, the creature seemed to have no problem absorbing bullets.

It also had no issue with being electrocuted. When the hybrid found the electric fence, it ripped posts up with its tusks and escaped. The animal remains at large and is being pursued at a very safe distance.

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