From BDM: Bear Population Growing, Some Say More Hunting Needed

The BDM (Bearmageddon Denying Media) has posted this story about the Bear population on the rise.

From ABC News:

…more than 600 people have complained of bear encounters this year — the most since 2012. The state is hoping for more participation in this year’s hunting season to help slow the growth of the bear population, said Jennifer Vashon, a bear biologist with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

“We’re trying to encourage deer hunters that when they are scouting for deer, they have the opportunity to take a bear,” she said. “We expect the harvest to be pretty high.”

This is only more evidence that Bearmageddon is coming. Bear reproduction is increasing at a faster rate than humans are learning how to hunt. Soon, human hunters will be outnumbered and the military will be ill prepared. More as this develops…


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