Property Bros Nearly Killed Filming “Ultimate Dens” Show With Live Bears

Setting out to make yet another spin-off of their wildly popular renovation TV show, Property Brothers, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott were mauled by bears.

The new series “Ultimate Dens” boldly paired the brothers with two grizzly bears who were eager to hibernate and seek the perfect den. To gauge the bears’ desires versus their spending limit, the brothers first took the bears to see a den that was way out of their price range. “We do this in every episode. Sure, it usually angers the buyers but it sets things up for a happy ending,” Jonathan explained.

“We really pissed them off,” Drew said, encased in a full body cast, laying in a hospital bed. “They were not happy when we showed them a den that was almost double their spending limit. When we tried to explain to them that we could create the same den for them at half the cost with a seven-week renovation, that’s when they attacked.”

“You just don’t provoke a wild animal like that. Especially a grizzly,” said zoologist Parker Burns. “They’re lucky to be alive.”

“When we tried to explain to them that we could create the same den for them at half the cost with a seven-week renovation, that’s when they attacked.”

The brothers were viciously attacked and left for dead. Also, because of a psychic connection they have had from birth, each twin takes on the damage his brother suffers, compounding the overall injuries for both of them.

The bears seized the overpriced den and refused to give it back to the owner. Sources claim the bears remain there, now in hibernation.

Though they are in full body casts and not expected to ever fully recover, the brothers remain contractually obligated to continue pumping out spin-offs. “Drew and Jonathan have been good sports. We’ll be providing them with the latest in wheelchair technology so that they can continue making great TV,” said a representative from HGTV.


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2 thoughts on “Property Bros Nearly Killed Filming “Ultimate Dens” Show With Live Bears

  • January 11, 2017 at 8:04 am

    Eerie. I had just started writing a piece where Abby and Eddy, stars of Bears Redecorate Your House Before Killing You was being pulled for low ratings because audiences were growing tired of its formula. The blindfolded homeowners come home to bears anxiously awaiting their reactions, to irreparable destruction and unspeakable vandalism of the walls and even the ceilings.

    HGTV associate producer Jenna Michelson said, “Brown bears are taller than people imagine. Then the bears would kill them. And the crew.” She said it was growing increasingly difficult to find quality crews willing to be killed by bears, another issue that led to the cancellation. “Word gets around the industry, you know.”

    Homeowners survived one episode when they inexplicably liked what the bears had done. “Some homeowners have tried acting delighted, but they got killed by the bears anyway. It’s almost like they can smell disappointment.” Michelson nonetheless defended the show’s five-season run, saying that the bears did, after all, redecorate people’s houses. “Twice in each episode.”

    HGTV has a replacement in production Michelson said should be safer: Bear’s Flip Your House. ” They can really do that. It’s pretty spectacular, and makes the bear talent happy, always a plus when working with bears.”

    • January 16, 2017 at 2:29 pm

      That’s funny. This article didn’t get a lot of traffic, I guess Bearmageddon people aren’t big on HGTV haha.


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