Announcing The First Nonfiction Book Ever Made

On April 18th, 2018 I’m launching my first Kickstarter campaign. It is NOW LIVE!

With the popularity of these bear facts, tips and news, especially on sites like Facebook, Imgur and Reddit, I decided it was time to make the book.

From my Kickstarter intro:

My name is Ethan Nicolle. My last name—while manly—is pronounced just like the girl name. It’s always good to get that out of the way. I am known mostly for creating AXE COP with my little brother, Malachai. It was an amazing adventure that became a six-volume comic series and two seasons of an awesome TV show. And while I’d be fine with only being known as the Axe Cop guy, I’ve had an insatiable fascination with bears for quite some time.

Yes, I made a living for a few years playing with axes with a five-year-old
Yes, I made a living for a few years playing with axes with a five-year-old

I had this Bearmageddon idea I was obsessed with, so I made that my other webcomic. Without the luck of it going viral, It was a lot harder to get people to read it, so I started making bear safety memes in an attempt to generate viral interest… a sneaky way to market my other webcomic.

I had a vision and I ran with it.
I had a vision and I ran with it.

While the webcomic has grown steadily over the years, even getting a small film deal in China, the bear safety memes themselves have been shared millions of times and made the front page of sites like Imgur and Reddit. I got so into making these things, I made my own Onion-style parody news site called

I took up shameless bear-memery in my spare time
I took up shameless bear-memery in my spare time

So the little marketing gimmicks for Bearmageddon became their own sort of separate phenomenon! The demand for a book escalated and I decided if I could get it backed, I would do it. The book is already in progress. Click here to sample two rough chapters from the book in progress. I am Kickstarting this project because:

A.) I want to try this Kickstarter thing! I’m super nervous right now.

B.) I don’t actually have a pile of money laying around to publish a book. And even if I used a Print-on-Demand service…

C.) Part of the money will go towards my time making the book. If I only do this thing in my spare time it will take a lot longer than if I can get some financial backing.

It seemed it was time to make the authoritative satirical book on bear safety. I have about four chapters completed of a planned twelve.

Below are the currently planned chapters of the book, though I have a feeling it will expand and mutate as I continue, only getting more awesome:

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Bears—The basics of bear biology, habits, wrestling moves, and how they plan to kill us all. 
  • Chapter 2: Basic Bear Attacks—The basic attacks of bears from the claw swipe to the spinning piledriver. 
  • Chapter 3: Advanced Bear Attacks—Advanced bear attacks that have been witnessed by very few including wizardry, tsunamis, and plagues. 
  • Chapter 4: How to Be Prepared——Ways to be ready before a bear shows up to kill you.
Bears are all about illegal moves
Bears are all about illegal moves
  • Chapter 5: Bear Stealth Techniques —Places bears are hiding you never even thought of.
  • Chapter 6: What to Do in a Bear Attack—When a bear is attacking you, these are your options.
  • Chapter 7: A Guide to Bear Fighting—Some of the common counter-attacks and fighting techniques to use against bears.
  • Chapter 8: Bear Spray and Other Lies—Dispelling the common myths and misconceptions about bears.
  • Chapter 9: Rare Bear Species—Rare and undocumented bear species, their origins, habits and potential threat. 
Bears love finishing with a good piledriver
Bears love finishing with a good piledriver
  • Chapter 10: Bear News; True Stories That Went Unreported—A collection of true stories about bears so unbelievable the mainstream media hid them from the public. 
  • Chapter 11: How to Defeat a Bear—The shortest chapter in the book. 
  • Chapter 12: Further Information—Additional materials and information. 

The book will be around 200 pages and packed with illustrations, charts and informative graphics.

GO TO THE KICKSTARTER HERE (This preview link goes live April 18th at 12:00am pacific time)


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2 thoughts on “Announcing The First Nonfiction Book Ever Made

  • June 1, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    This is awesome. I want this book. When and where are they available?

    • June 1, 2018 at 6:42 pm

      The Kickstarter funded last month so it will be done in about a year. Join my mailing list to find out when preorders go up!


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