REAL BEARS REACT to Bearmageddon Vol 2 Page 32


Once again, using the latest technology, courtesy of the Ruxpin Project, zoologists have been able to hold the latest page of Bearmageddon up to bears and get their thoughts translated into English. Today’s page features flying squirrel bear being blasted in mid-flight with a shotgun. See the page here.


“I had a cousin who swore he was part flying squirrel, but we all knew he just had really saggy armpits.”


“Holy… BEAR!”


“Flying squirrel bear? More like dying squirrel bear. Too soon?”


“I’d hate to be that bear, but he’s totally holding the gun wrong in the last panel. The stock should be firmly pressed against his shoulder.”


“There’s not even any blood coming out of the gunshot wound to the bear’s neck. Fake, fake, fake the snake Roberts, FAKE.” 

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