Real Bears React to Bearmageddon Vol 2, Page 39


Once again, using the latest technology, courtesy of the Ruxpin Project, zoologists have been able to hold the latest page of Bearmageddon up to bears and get their thoughts translated into English.  See the page here.


“Good luck aiming with your chew toy of a hand.”


“It’s wonderful, the amount of detail the artist puts into this comic just to show a guy with a messed up hand trying to shoot a bear in the butt and missing. That’s dedication.”


“My uncle has better aim, and his eyes got pecked out by crows!”


“I remember when Eddie Vedder did this in that one music video. Probably won’t have the same outcome though.”


“Do they really ALL need to have their flashlights on?  Such a waste of energy SMH.” 

Read the shocking true story of Bearmageddon today:

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