FINALLY: SpaceX Offers Bear-Safe Camping

Previously only available to astronauts and chimpanzees, trips to the Moon are now being made available to ordinary billionaires thanks to tech tycoon Elon Musk’s company SpaceX.

“Finally, a bear safe option for campers,” Musk announced barely a week after launching his first rocket from NASA’s legendary moon pad.

Two campers have approached the company about sending them on a week-long campout on the Moon, according to Musk. He won’t identify the pair or the price tag. “They’ve already paid a “significant” deposit and are “very serious” about bear safety”, he added.

The crew will still stock up on shotguns and bear spray just in case. “Just because bears haven’t been seen on the Moon yet doesn’t mean they might not show up,” rocket engineer Colby Haddock said.

When asked if he would bring bears to the Moon for the right price, Musk declined to comment.

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