Graphic Video Depicts Horn Band Being Mauled by Bears

Who knew bears despised trombone music so much?

In this graphic video (which has been banned and deleted from the internet) these five musicians manage to attract an entire sleuth of bears who maul them and devour them, then tear their instruments to pieces, then eat them piece by piece. At one point in the video, a bear can be seen collecting the soupy remains of one of the musicians into the bell of the tuba, then blowing into it, showering the other bears in blood. For obvious reasons, the video is no longer available.

The same group had been recorded playing for cows earlier in the week. The cows enjoyed the music much more than the bears. According to the distraught manager of the band, they wanted to step it up a notch. “The bears were a bad idea. We now realize that.” he lamented.

Sorry guys, tough crowd I guess.

Read the shocking true story of Bearmageddon today:

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